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Title: Publish Your First Digital Magazine
Author: Lorraine Phillips
ISBN: 9780988953505
Paperback, $16.95, 196pp
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About The Book

If you’re serious about publishing a digital magazine, then look no further.

"Publish Your First Digital Magazine" is a must-read for all the creatives who are passionate about sharing a message with their audience. The book offers innovative ideas, strategies, tools and techniques you can use to produce a product that will allow you to make a difference and maybe even change some lives along the way.

You will learn:
* Magazine business fundamentals
* How to create your editorial philosophy
* How to build an editorial calendar
* Where to find content and images
* Tools you will need to design a digital publication
* Ways you can monetize your magazine
* How to effectively use social media to connect with your audience
* What to consider when setting up a website or blog
* SEO techniques that will improve your visibility on the Web
* How to figure out the cost of putting it all together
And much, much more!

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Book Downloads

Links File - Zipped password-protected HTML file that contains direct links to all the resources presented throughout the book. The password to open the file appears as the very last word of Chapter 10 (all lowercase letters).


Start-up Costs Worksheet - Excel spreadsheet that helps you calculate the cost to start a digital magazine by providing a list of expenses you may need to incur.


Start-up Costs Worksheet - PDF Version.

About The Author

Lorraine Phillips

Lorraine Phillips attended Jackson State University, where she received an MBA in business administration and a BS in computer science, graduating both programs with honors and distinction. She later went on to earn an AA in graphic design from Bauder College and was elected to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges for outstanding merit and accomplishments.

Lorraine, former publisher of SisterPower Magazine, is a creative information technology professional with over fourteen years’ experience in planning, developing, and publishing print, internet, and digital projects. She has published six books, with subjects ranging from personal motivation to magazine publishing to online marketing and promotion.

As an author Lorraine has received several awards. Her books have been recognized and honored for exhibiting superior levels of creativity and originality as well as high standards of design and production quality. She was also selected for what is one of the country’s most respected book awards, being named a Benjamin Franklin Awards silver finalist in the Business and Economics category for excellence in book editorial and design.

Lorraine is currently a freelance web developer and designer. As a dynamic speaker, author, freelancer and coach, it is her mission to help people achieve their personal and professional dreams. As she puts it her own words: "It's exactly what I was born to do!" For more information, please visit

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